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Dina DiRoma Teaching a Class
Dina DiRoma attending an event at the Women's Venture Fund
New York

We  Are


Dina DiRoma attending an Event in NYC
Dina DiRoma at IHeart Radio

Owning a business is no small endeavor.  We understand that! 


But wearing all hats can overshadow the larger picture - missing out on new markets, potential clients and growing your product or service. 


Couple that with staying relevant, ever evolving technology,  App platforms, and Social Media postings.  It can be extremely overwhelming. 


Learn how to work smarter not harder. 


Out of the Box experience and "Ah Ha" moments is what we strive for.



- #Business Coach 

- #Business Development Strategist

- #Business as a Side Hustle

- #Business Consulting Firm

- #Business Management Consulting Firm

Dina's Re-Introduction 

My daughter, Suny New Paltz Student -Brooke Elardo using her creative talents during the worst time in American History

Dina's first Interview with Donna Drake's "Live It Up"

Carmen Bonilla - Leadership / Development Expert

Scott Eisenberg from SWAP The BIZ - Explained

My daughter, Brooke Elardo PIX-11 Debut April 1, 2021 - Romeo

SWAP The BIZ Event

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