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Individual Plans
Accident Only Protector- (Covers you 24/7 - 365 Days per year.) Pays you cash benefits if you are injured on or off the job. Covers Hospital Confinement, Intensive Care, Ambulance, ER treatment and follow-up, Urgent Care, Fractures (both major and minor), Outpatient Surgery (both major and minor), Physical Therapy, Health Screenings, Family Lodging, Transportation, Blood and Blood Plasma, Accident Recovery, Accidental Death and Dismemberment protection.
Accident and Sickness Protector - (Covers you 24/7 - 365 Days per year) Pays you cash benefits if your are admitted to a Hospital, Receive Outpatient Surgery, Admitted to Intensive Care or Receive Treatment in the Emergency Room when you are sick or injured.
Cancer Care - Provides cash benefits directly to you to help pay for the care and treatment of a cancer diagnosis.
Critical Care - Provides cash benefits (directly to you) if you are diagnosed with a severe medical condition. (up to $100,000 lump sum)
Income Protector - Provides cash benefits to help replace your lost income if you are totally disabled and unable to work to to illness or injury. There is also a partial recovery benefit provided if you can no longer work at your regular tasks as before you were injured. (Plan 1, 2 or 5 Years)
Life Protector - Whole life policy guaranteed for life up to $100,000 + coverage with Family Life Protector.  It also has a living benefit where you are paid a lump sum if you were diagnosed with a life threatening illness. 
Sick Pay Plus - Pays you a cash benefit when injury or sickness keeps you from working. (3 months/occurrence) (Keep to Age 72)
Group Plans
Accident Only - pays you a cash benefit for 25 differnent types of care and treatment along with extensive injury inclusions like: Burns, Skin Graft, Coma, Dislocations, Eye, Fractures, Herniated Disc, Knee Cartilage Surgery, Lacerations, Loss of Hands, Feet or Sight, Fingers & Toes, including a Lump sum Accidental Death Benefit or Catastrophic Accident and Family Care.
Accident & Sickness protector - pays you a cash benefit if in the event you are hospitalized or Receive Intensive Care treatment.  Optional riders are available for things like Outpatient surgery (major or minor) and Emergency Room treatment.
Critical Illness - Pays you a Lump Sum Cash benefit in the event you suffer a critical illness such as a heart attack, cancer and stroke etc.
Disability Income - Designed to replace a portion of your income if an accidental injury or sickness prevents you from working.  It also covers pregnancy and organ donation.
Universal Life Protector - Offers permanent affordable protection that includes an accelerated benefit rider.
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